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We provide quality safe pass training at a very competitive price in Dublin, Cork, Clonmel and Kilkenny. Our national Training Centre is located in south west Dublin (Ballymount, Dublin 12). Safe Pass is a one day training course which will enable you as a successful participant to receive a Safe Pass card and qualify you to enter and work on construction sites. We are an Approved Training Organisation registered with SOLAS for the provision of Safe Pass training. Book now or register your interest in an upcoming Safe Pass Course. Call us on 01 465 9760 or CallSave from a landline 1850 723389 [1850 SAFETY].

SOLAS Safe Pass Awareness Course

(formerly FAS Safe Pass Awareness Course)

The National Irish Safety Organisation Training Centre, based in Ballymount, Dublin 12, is an Approved Training Organisation (ATO), registered with SOLAS. When booking the SOLAS Safe Pass Awareness Course, be sure to only book with an ATO that is registered with SOLAS.

The Safe Pass Health and Safety Awareness (known as Safe Pass) training programme is a one day course for all construction site personnel, including construction apprentices and trainees. The training programme has been designed to ensure that participants have a basic knowledge of health and safety and are aware of the inherent dangers on construction sites.

Course Locations

We currently operate Safe Pass at venues in Carlow, Dublin, Clonmel, Cork, Kilkenny and Galway


The aim of the training is to ensure that workers on construction sites are not a risk to themselves or to their co-workers who work alongside them.

  • To raise the standard of health and safety in the construction industry;

  • To ensure that all construction site personnel undergo basic health and safety awareness training with the view to making a positive contribution to the prevention of accidents and avoidance of health hazards;

  • To maintain a register of personnel who received such training;

  • To provide all participants with a SOLAS Safe Pass registration card that will indicate that the holder has attended a formal course in health and safety awareness.

Who should attend?

All construction site personnel, including new entrants, construction apprentices and trainees, and others who require Safe Pass to gain access where there is a requirement to have Safe Pass.

Safe Pass course content

  • Promoting a Safety Culture

  • Duties and Responsibilities at Work

  • Accident Reporting and Prevention

  • Working at Heights

  • Excavations and Confined Spaces

  • Working with Electricity Underground and Overhead Services

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Use of Hand Held Equipment, Tools and Machinery

  • Safe Use of Vehicles

  • Noise and Vibration

  • Manual Handling

  • Health and Hygiene


A practical and highly interactive approach is used throughout the course.

When theoretical material is introduced, it relates to relevant tasks encountered by employees while working on a construction site.

The focus will be on actual situations with realistic solutions.

Course Validation

Participants who have successfully completed the Safe Pass Training Programme will be registered with SOLAS and issued with a registration card.

It is condition of renewal of the SOLAS Safe Pass registration card that participants must update their safety awareness training every four years.

Safe Pass course equivalent

Schedule 4 of the Safety Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2013 provides for the recognition of equivalent safety awareness schemes approved by SOLAS. With this in mind the Construction Skills Register’s (CSR Northern Ireland) one day health and safety course is the only course recognised as equivalent to the SOLAS Safe Pass course.

Any person wishing to avail of this recognition must be in possession of a current CSR Health and Safety card.

Course Duration

One day from 08.00hrs. till 17.00hrs.

Approved Centre and Instructor Qualifications

We are registered with SOLAS as an Approved Training Organisation. Be sure to only train with an organisation that is an approved Training Centre. You may check the listing of Approved Training Centres on the SOLAS website.

The course Tutor is registered with SOLAS.

Requirements to attend the course

  • Arrive on time

  • An Irish PPS number (for participants residing in Ireland only) [SOLAS requirement].

  • A process number (for participants residing outside of Ireland with no Irish PPS number). This is obtainable from SOLAS prior to the commencement of the course [SOLAS requirement].

  • One current passport size photograph (this can be provided at a cost of €8 on the day [Dublin only] if prior notice is received) [For SOLAS Safe Pass card]

  • Proof of Identification (ID): e.g. drivers licence, passport or public service card.

  • Relevant fee if unpaid.

  • The course is taught in English unless previously arranged (all participants are required to have a good working knowledge of the English language).

  • Participants should tell us if they have any special needs when booking the course.

  • Participants must be 16 years of age of older on the day of the course.

National Irish Safety Organisation, A11 Calmount Park, Ballymount, Dublin 12

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